Spanish Language Special Finance

In-Market, But Under-Served

If you’re not including the Spanish-language market in your marketing mix, you’re missing out on a lucrative lead source:

Median U.S. Hispanic income has grown 20.7% in the last five years 1


New car sales to U.S. Hispanics are
projected to grow 8% over the next
5 years
– despite declines
in the overall market 2


U.S. Hispanics are 4x more likely
to buy a new vehicle
and 52% more likely
to add an additional new vehicle to their household
, providing an ideal opportunity to
build loyalty for future purchases 3


Your Spanish-Language
Marketing Partner

Hispanic buyers are 1.25 times more likely to use a mobile device to search for cars vs. the general population. 4

That’s why we use sophisticated targeting techniques to meet Spanish- speakers on the mobile devices and social media platforms they prefer.

Best of all, our Spanish-language leads are available at no additional cost vs. our traditional Special Finance leads, making this the perfect time to connect with Spanish-language buyers!

  1 Source: Wall Street Journal 2 Source: Univision 3 Sources: IHS, Polk 4 Source: Twitter  


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