In an effort to strengthen login security the dealer portal will now require Multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is a security mechanism that requires an individual to provide two or more credentials in order to authenticate their identity. We prepared this document to help assist with the change, here’s what you need to know:

New Dealer Extranet Login Process

  1. Existing Login Screen
  2. Password Reset
  3. Password Reset Success
  4. Generate a Token.
  5. Token Entry Page
  6. Dashboard

New Dealer Extranet Login Process

Below is an illustration of the new Dealer Extranet login process. This shows the various steps in the process to login, create a strong password, get an emailed token and submit the token to further validate one’s identity for purposes of security. This involves use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) whereby a numeric token is sent to the dealer’s website contact email boxes.


1. Existing Login Screen: enter your login and password as normal.

Below is the traditional login form to which the dealer’s are accustomed. There is a new box informing the user of the added security. If you have a strong password, you will jump to screenshot shown below as #4. If you have a valid MFA token session and a strong password, you will jump to the dashboard as usual.


2. Reset Password with New, Strong Format (this step is not required if password is strong)

Once you enter a valid user and password, if the password does not meet the required format for security.

  • 8 characters minimum
  • At least 1 uppercase character
  • At least 1 lowercase character
  • At least 1 number
  • 1 special characters ( !,%,&,@,#,$,^,*,?,_,~)
  • You would then be required to update your password using the form below. Enter the existing password, and the new password twice.


3. Password Reset / Change Success

If the password reset has succeeded, you will be greeted with the following page and a call to action to “click here to proceed.”


4. Step to generate a token.

This page shows a simple form with a blue button to “Generate Token.”

Clicking on the button will trigger an email that is sent to the website contacts that contains among other things, a 6-digit numeric code. A sample email is shown below.

It will redirect the user to the following page.


5. Token Entry Page

Here is where you enter in the 6-digit code from the email sent in the sample above.

Note that this page will display all the emails addresses to which the token was sent.

Enter the token and click “Continue”


6. Dashboard

Once you have logged in and entered the token and clicked “Continue” you are taken to the dashboard as usual. Note that there’s a new feature whereby you can self-service a password change.


Still having trouble?

  • Are you being asked to generate a token every time you log in?
  • Are you getting an error message (“Invalid Access Token”) when entering a token?
  • Is nothing happening when you click on the “Generate Token” button?
  • Are you not receiving your token in your email?

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.