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We know our auto leads are high quality because 71% of them convert to sales within 6 months

We use a proprietary quality assurance system to filter our auto leads, insuring you get the best in the industry

Get features such as: Dealer ScoreCards, expert customer service, and extensive branding opportunities, and much much more

CarsDirect recently received top honors with the Diamond Award win from the Dealers' Choice Awards with Best Value in New Vehicle Leads

CarsDirect has also received accolades from: Yahoo Internet Life, TIME Magazine, Forbes, PC World, and MSNBC

We Deliver Results

CarsDirect has the greatest buying power of any automotive site with the highest close rate among online car sites

High-Quality Customers

Our customers are high-end and credit-worthy with 62% of CarsDirect visitors intend to purchase a new car in the next 8-weeks

Perfecting Leads

Leads are screened by providing pricing up-front, only those that are true buyers proceed to submit a lead

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