New Car Connect

Delivering Qualified Customers
For More Than 15 Years


71% of CarsDirect Connect leads
purchase a car within six months.


The average customer visits CarsDirect
almost 5 times and spends more than 1
hour researching before submitting a lead.


Local, market-specific target price filters out
price shoppers and delivers
down-funnel car buyers.



We offer a no-hassle experience,
from configuring a car,
to making the final purchase.




Comprehensive, Complete Leads

Connect leads can include more than 30 pieces of information
including options, pricing, trade-in, financing,
and best time to contact customer.



Friendly To Any Budget

Choose from subscription-based or pay-per-lead programs with many manufacturer co-op programs.



Customers You Can Connect With

Leads are submitted specifically to your dealership. Exclusive content on 130+Internet Brands
Automotive Group websites helps drive even more new car shoppers to CarsDirect.


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