BDC Services


A Full-Service Virtual BDC

Save overhead and increase sales by completely outsourcing your subprime BDC functions to CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express – the subprime authorities with 40 years of combined expertise.

    Subprime prospects show up at your store armed with knowledge and ready to buy!
  Available when you need us:
6:30AM – 8:00PM MST
Unparalleled Subprime Market Access

250,000 credit applications generated
across the CarsDirect + ACE network
each month.
Multiple auto finance websites
drawing proactive credit-challenged
consumers from across the Internet.

Industry Leading Features

  ✓ Working and verifying leads

✓ Gathering trade-in details

✓ Appointment scheduling

✓ Preparing customers for their visit

✓ Post-appointment follow-up calls

You Pick The Inventory
Prospects are counseled not to expect
a particular vehicle and arrive ready for
your inventory suggestions,
maximizing profit potential!

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